Pascal Anker director and lead trainer began his career in Makeup  career
                                         in Makeup as Make-up artist for Bobbi Brown cosmetics brands &
                                         Serge Louis Alvarez.
                                         This enables him to better understand the desires of his clients and to
                                         understand their requirements, this to be able to better advise them
                                         in their makeup choice.
                                         His skills, his professionalism and talent are undeniable.

Pascal Anker and Gerard Bottazzoli founded the school of makeup Make-upNatural, creating
a concept that earned them a success that lasts.
Highlighting their achievements brilliantly with costumes and accessories they achieved something that did not exist in other makeup schools; a quite exceptional level of excellence.


Make-upNatural & Miss Suisse-Romande

Pascal Anker created the makeup looks for the future Miss representing Switzerland and participated in all events with students, promoting the monitoring of each service on the Swiss side and also on the sets in Tunisia for the Swiss television.

2004 - 2010

In order to guarantee and develop greater quality of the scholarship offers, Make-upNatural
passed the certification label "eduQua". This certification is still active in 2016, to maintain and regulate the monitoring of each student.

For over 18 years, Pascal Anker has developed contacts in the field of fashion with several Swiss
and European photographers, working on makeups for the Haute Joaillerie:

Chopard - De Grisogono - Adler - Roger Dubuis - Chanel -

Throughout these years, the Make-upNatural students have had the opportunity to practice and exercise the learned techniques during the following fashion shows:

Cartier Joaillerie -  Swarovski - Fourrure Michèle Kahen -  Ambivalence

Pascal Anker also worked for television, TSR & Leman Bleu, that allowed him to make-up some celebrities:

Voir le site

Garou - Natacha St-Pier - Patrick Fiori - Lâam - Tina Arena - Mat Pokora - Amel Bent
Anne Roumanoff - Christophe Willem - Jean Dujardin & Alexandra Lamy - Eric et Ramzy
David Guetta - Benabar - Diam's - Roch Voisine - Anggun - Michel Leeb - Daniel Levi
Valérie Begue - Annie Lemoine - Michelle Bernier - Julie Zenatti - Régine
Jimmy Somerville - les Bananarama - Roland Giraud


Pascal Anker also worked for the US, "General Motors", creating the make-up looks for the promotional models of the famous car brand.

He is also present at the "World Economic Forum" Davos for "Pepsi Cola".

Getting married in Geneva, the last chinese chic
They have traveled more than 9,000 kilometers from the Tianjin province to come and say "yes"
in the Parc des Eaux-Vives. Before that, the sixteen brides in white had their makeup done by
our students to be the most beautiful for their great day.

2011 - 20

Dior Cosmetics and Make-upNatural create an exclusive partnership for the makeup school, giving
the opportunity to all students in training to learn how to create make ups with high-end products
and to undergo training in the premises of the House of Dior, being placed on a stand of the store
in the region.

Our students were able to participate:

- in many short films and professional photography sessions.
- creating make-ups for the play of the Clef d'Or - Geneva 2013
- Show Bodypainting at the Congress “Les nouvelles Esthétiques” - Paris 2014
- Congress of Aesthetic "Siwell" - Geneva 2014



Makeup at the 29th Geneva Book Fair 2015
Fashion Show "Africa is Chic" Geneva - June 2015
Congress of Special Effects "MATA'S» London - July 2015
Makeup artists for "Air Music Live" Geneva - September 2015
Fashion Show "Benefit Gala Zimbabwe" Versoix - September 2015
Haute Couture Fashion Show "Oman", Geneva - November 2015
Show Haute Joaillerie "The Facets", Geneva - November 2015


New exclusive partnership

Our students will have the privilege of working throughout the year with the talented fashion photographer

New exclusive partnership

Allowing our students to learn to make up with two organic brands, Make-upNatural is also, since 2015, responsible for makeup training in different sell points in Switzerland for the brand "OSEO Organic Beauty".




2016, the year of the TURNING POINT!

With its experience in makeup for the past 15 years, Make-upNatural decided to take a 180° turn reviewing all of its makeup scholarships.

It is with the arrival of Alain Pasetto, fashion photographer, that a change of direction in training has gradually been instaured. His keen eye and especially his mastery of photography brought a wind of change and fashion to the school.

The photographic results of our students will be much more enriched thanks to the professional photos
of a surprising level for a makeup school.

These changes will be visible in the various course modules, such as Retrospective, Body Painting or
even Special Effects. They thus facilitate future opportunities for the students to approach employment. The school director, Pascal Anker, makes a crucial point:

"It is important to follow training in makeup, hair or nailstyle to acquire all the techniques. At the end of the scholarship, it will be much easier to find a job in one of these areas. The professional future of students of Make-upNatural is not to be taken lightly, that's why our facility also provides a training entitled "How to write a CV and spontaneous application letters."

In 2015, Make-upNatural signed several partnerships with a modeling agency in western Switzerland, bringing its students the opportunity and the chance to work directly with quality models, to follow photographic courses and collaborate with several fashion shows. The professional simulation intensively multiplies and promotes knowledge of the Job.

This is why, from the beginning of September 2016, all courses take a big direction into fashion! "


Make-up Bodypainting - Congress “Les nouvelles Esthétiques” Paris - April 2016
Fashion Show "Africa Fashion Show", Geneva - May 2016
Makeup Contest "EGERi TOUR", Geneva - May 2016

With the modeling agencies for our students, they will makeup on many shootings & Fashion shows


Future Projects in 2016

Fashion Show "Metro Goldwyn Mayer", Geneva - September 2016
Fashion Show "Beauty Messe" Zurich - November 2016





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